A & A Truck & Auto Service in Glenolden, PA, is a complete automotive repair facility. We offer a wide range services to fit any budget. The ultimate goal at A & A is to provide accurate and timely service at a fair price. Technology has driven automobile manufacturers into a quest for the latest and greatest computer driven gadgetry, affording buyers luxury, convenience, comfort, safety and economy. The days of lifting the hood, listening and making simple adjustments with screwdriver are long gone. Electronics now drive nearly every system in today's cars. Powerful in-shop computers are now required to dig out electronic gremlins that torture your vehicle. Our computers are the most updated version available. Information is constantly added making troubleshooting highly accurate, quicker and less costly to the consumer. Driving away with a problem solved is extremely gratifying to both customer and technician. A job well done makes the day worthwhile. That's our commitment every day.